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evacuated. >> somebody hollered down the hall. >> what? >> we have to evacuate the building. i said okay, so i started waking up the kids that weren't awake and getting their shoes and coats on and getting them out the door. >> we got traces of certain gas. we still could not identify what that gas was. >> reporter: i'm dave statter. two cars collided with this cadillac bursting into flames. the driver of the burning car was found by firefighters. [ radio traffic noise ] >> reporter: priority 4 means death. that initial finding was found by ems spokesman mark brady who said in a statement, a preliminary patient assessment was made soon after the fire was extinguished while the victim was still trapped in the wreckage. the assessment was made under challenging and less than ideal conditions. later when firefighters were asked by police to remove the body, there was a different finding about the victim.
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>> we believe he's breathing. we're bringing him up. >> reporter: ems officials and the department are conducting a review to see what procedures were used to erroneously determine the man was dead. i'm brittany morehouse reporting outside d.c. superior court where crittenton pled guilty to a weapons charge. this stems from last month's locker room confrontation with gilbert arenas. he was sentenced today to one year of unsupervised probation. the judge also ordered crittenton to do outreach with d.c. youth and fined the wizards player $1,200. he pled guilty to unregistered firearm. after the hearing his attorney explained in more detail. >> mr. crittenton bought a lawful handgun into the washington wizards locker room, only because he legitimately feared for his life on december 21st of last year. the gunman has acknowledged the handgun was not loaded and he
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never threatened anyone with it. it was legally purchased, but bringing it into the district of columbia violates a strict gun control law. the wizards released a statement in the last hour regarding these charges. it reads, the charges filed today against crittenton, his subsequent plea, represent another disappointing development in what's already been a long and frustrating process for the team, the nba and most importantly, our fans. javaris clearly used very bad judgment and now will face the consequences of his actions. as for gilbert arenas, he pled guilty to a felony gun charge ten days ago for his part in the incident. he will be sentenced march 26. the supreme court will no longer block the execution of a virginia man accused of killing and raping two sisters in manassas. the justices temporarily delayed paul warner powell's execution in july so they could consider whether or not to hear an appeal. today they declined to hear it with no comment. powell is on death row for
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murdering 16-year-old stacy reed and raping her 14-year-old sister, christy. the u.s. military says it will quickly review the records of 4,300 veterans to find out if they were improperly denied benefits. it's part of an agreement after a judge ordered that the veterans from the wars in iraq and afghanistan be allowed to opt in to a class action lawsuit against the military. that lawsuit claims veterans with post-traumatic stress disorder were discharged with low disability latings that reduced their disability payments. just ahead, wednesday's state of the union exhibit president obama is giving a preview of some of his new budget proposals. many of them target the middle class. >> creating good, sustainable jobs is the single most important thing we can do to rebuild the middle class. i won't rest until we're doing just that. >> the president also talked about doubling the child care tax credit for families earning less than -- cap student loan payments. what do you think about the
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president's plan for the middle class? too little, too late perhaps? what are you hoping to hear from this week's state of the union address? or does whatever he says come too late? share your thoughts in an e- mail to mcginty's e-mail at the 2010 census started today in a remote village in alaska and it will create temporary jobs in our part of the world. if you're looking to work as a census taker, the better business says follow these steps to keep the scammers frompicking your pocket and personal info. go to the census bureau website to see if you qualify. don't pay fees for an application, they're free. disregard any job guarantees. there are none. and call the 1-866 number on the screen to schedule an appointment to take the basic skills test. we've got more information on our website, just click on living smart. time for a quick check of
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the evening rush. the 9 news now traffic center. >> heading home tonight we have good news. on 395 this accident blocking the left lane here has just been cleared as you can see on the real time sensors here. not causing major delays of course. 95 also looking good down to triangle. no incidents or accidents. as we head outside and take a live camera here, up 66, you're looking at traffic still from 495 to 7100, we're still seeing about a 20-25 minute commute flow going on that stretch towards manassas. finally, we'll take a live shot here on montgomery county on the capital beltway. looking good in both directions going at speed. if you're taking the outer loop at van doren, watch out for building materials blocking the two center lanes in that area. back to you. the last gas of a cold front making the way across our area tonight and the storm they brought caused damage this morning, including downed trees
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and the power lines in tacoma park. power was out for thousands at the height of the damage. by mid-afternoon we saw sun, and maybe you were fooled into going shorts sleeves, because it was warm out there. how long can that go on in the middle of january? >> not long. 68 today and 57 yesterday. a nice little break from january. if you're headed out, grab one of these. i think we're going to keep the chance for showers in the forecast. here's your forecast first. for tonight, showers are possible. going to remain mostly cloudy. temperatures will be turning colder, breezing colder. lows in the 30s. everybody stays above freezing. winds west/southwest at 10-15. the current temperatures, it's still quite nice. still 51 downtown. back to the north and west and the 40s in winchester and low 40s in cumberland. satellite picture, radar combined. the main activity is gone. however, we have snow showers that will develop in the mountains overnight. i think we're not quite done with showers. we had thunderstorms a couple of hours ago. showers in the metro area. come back, track that with live
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doppler and talk about a return to winter. may end the week with snow. still ahead, helping haiti. what relief crews need and a look at what our own bruce johnson found when he visited the island this weekend. >> hello, train, goodbye people movers. at the actual less airport, the new grand opening at dulles airport.
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>> back on 9 news now with the latest on efforts in haiti. today, the united nations is focusing on finding shelter for as many as a million people still left homeless following the earthquake back on january 12th. tent cities are popping up in some areas but they are not nearly enough tents or even space to erect them for so many. our own bruce johnson just back from haiti. tonight at 11:00, we'll have a report on how folks are trying to get back to some sort of routine, two weeks after the quake. bruce is here with me now for a quick preview. >> we're talking haiti was a very tough place to live before the quake. it's now impossible for a lot of people, derrick. the entire country is in mourning right now. people rich, people poor, have no homes to go to. their dead are still buried in the rubble from the quake. gradually they seem to be emerging from this state of shock. she's got an american passport and can leave at any time with her two children, but she won't
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leave without two small relatives. >> no one tried to help me, and i don't have any diapers. i don't have any food. i don't have anything. >> reporter: those who can't get out struggled to regain some control of their lives. ten days after the quake, peopleeverywhere seemed to have someplace to go and something to do. banks are reopening for those with money. >> banks is okay. everything is running smoothly. >> reporter: two weeks after the quake hit and there's still the song smell of death outside of -- strong smell of death outside of port-au-prince. this was once a supermarket, three stories high. bodies still buried under the mortar here. the open markets are stocked with produce grown in the mountains. >> people have been very resilient, and we'll continue to remain on that mode. >> reporter: that was elizabeth, haiti's first lady wife of the president. their home, the national palace, is one of the many government buildings destroyed by the quake. the first family is now
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homeless in port-au-prince. they're staying with relatives. more from port-au-prince tonight at 11:00. >> bruce, you also note that that situation you described where someone can leave, but won't, not that unusual. >> we saw a lot of that. there was a single guy from southern florida who had no intentions of becoming a father. he had to go down and get his nephew and niece because the parents died in the quake. we saw that time and time again. >> haitians making a big sacrifice. thank you, and look forward to your story at 11:00. appreciate it. you can see a photo gallery of his trip at that is where we also have all of scott broom's report during his time at the u.s. navy ship comfort as it made its way to haiti to help. we also have information on charities you can donate to to help the people of haiti. still to come, how to get your fill at the national zoo before the panda is off to china. back with the full forecast. keep it right here.
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>> three brand-new options to get to our area from new york. three bus stations started, and will leave from the union station parking garage. turns out each line was already offering service from other parts of our city. a new study finds our area near the top when it comes to saving money by taking public transit. the american public transportation association looked at the average costs of parking, gas and dollars in several metropolitan areas and found on average people using the bus, train or subway save an average of $770 per month over those who commute via their cars. d.c. ranked 16th on that list with an average monthly savings of $751, which adds up to $9,015 over a year. and traveling between terminals at dulles international airport is about to get a heck of a lot
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easier. peggy fox introduces us to the arrow train. >> reporter: the new train system at dulles international airport is finally up and running. >> i remember when there was no subway. >> reporter: not metro rail. that's still in the works. this is arrow train that will whisk passengers from the terminal to their concourse in no time, starting tomorrow. >> they've been planning it 15 years? >> reporter: that's right. the underground tunnel and four- mile train track have taken eight years to build. the train takes passengers to the a, b and c concourses, replacing the mobile lounges which have been around sincedulles opened in 1962. >> 30 years ago it was like a cow farm, and you were going some where far, so it didn't matter. but that would be magnificent. >> reporter: the ride from the terminals here takes under 2 minutes, a big improvement from the people movers which can take up to 15 minutes. >> since mobile lounges are operating on the surface and trying to share the same
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pavement areas as airplanes taxiing in and out, it becomes quite congested from time to time. it limits the capacity and you cannot just keep adding mobile lounges as the airport continues to grow. >> reporter: the d concourse will still use mobile lounges until the train system is finished. a walkway back to concourse c is filled with beautiful local photographs. >> it's open. there's a lot of light, a lot of space, and it's very passenger friendly. >> reporter: indeed, with a high ceiling, a large lighted walkway, even 60 feet underground feels open. peggy fox, 9 news now, and >> and the arrow train will stop operating tomorrow morning, 4:00 a.m. the national zoo is getting ready to say goodbye to one of the most popular tourist attraction. this saturday they're hosting a farewell celebration. two representatives will be on hand to talk about how they care for the pandas everyday. there will be a place for the kids to make cards that will
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travel back to china. in honor of the panda's unofficial nickname, butter stick, land olakes will have a photo tribute of the panda since it was born. he will leave for china next thursday. that's a bummer. >> five years in july. that's a long time. i think we would have kept him as long as he would have stayed. >> absolutely. >> all right, tom. 68 today, not a record. >> but i liked it. >> exactly. 75 is a record. here's your forecast first. the next three days, tomorrow will be, we haven't had the 68 today. we would have been excited about 46 tomorrow. now, not so much. partly cloudy, 46 tomorrow. low 40s on wednesday. clouds come in late. stays dry. frontal system goes through thursday. rain or snow shower possible. high temperatures in the mid- 40s by then. tonight, we kind ever mix things up a little bit. shower possible. mostly cloudy, lows temps in
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the 30s. showers here will be snow showers in the mountains. let me show you doppler 9,000. the surface area and frontal systems are already through, there's a lot of energy left in the atmosphere. this will work its way up toward the metro area. we had reports. ww called in. remember we showed you that cell around 5:00? it produced hail in landover. well zoom in here and talk about some of the showers to the south of town. these are not as heavy as what we had this evening but they'll be around for a while. woodbridge, quantico, put this into motion in the next hour, we'll see these systems move just generally back to the north/northeast. more showers on the way. nothing as heavy, nothing as severe, but on the way. let's go back to the computer. temperatures still pretty nice. 51 at woodbridge. 50 in vienna. 49 in hillsboro. tomorrow morning, partly sunny, breezy and colder.
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winds turn west/northwest 10- 15. by tomorrow afternoon, breezy, colder, high temps around 45. winds north/northwesterly 10- 15. temps, 47 on saturday. 57 on sunday. 6 today. there's our correction -- 68 today. 41 on wednesday. our average high is 42. this is the coldest time of the year. 60 was a nice little break. the radar and highlight picture combined, look at the snow in the midwest wrapping around the system. it will move into our mountains tonight. what's left of the upper energy here, i think showers will pinwheel back through the immediate metro area. we'll keep showers in the forecast. next seven days, 46 tomorrow. 41 on on wednesday with clouds. rain or snow shower on thursday. then we're really focused in on snow friday. possibly into saturday morning. 31 on friday. 28 on saturday. i think those numbers are high. i'll leave it for now. back to the low 30s on sunday. back perhaps in the low 40s by
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monday. >> tom likes to keep us guessing on that snow. are we talking about flurries, or something a little more? >> it could be a little more, sir. >> okay. let's get to the weird news, far more cheery. it is a question of life and death. a newborn pig let accidentally squashed by her mama pig. she's not breathing. how far would you go to save a piglet life? we find the shocking answer where a farmer in that situation gave the piglet mouth to snout resuscitation. it worked. i kid you not. the baby was raised by a dog because the mother pig died in childbirth. now it thinks it is a dog. pig-pig apparently has no interest in spending time with the pigs. she wants to run with the big dogs, so to speak. the farmer's family says outside of the strange identity issues, pig-pig is doing pretty well and is a family friend and will never be bacon.
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you've got to wonder, what's going to happen when pig-mig grows up and falls in love with the rottweiler next door. that could get weird-weird. we want to hear what you think. send your e-mails to, mcginty's e- mail. 9 news now will be right back.
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in the mailbag tonight, one more reaction to last week's mammoth supreme court decision freeing up big business and big labor to spend major league dough for political gain. on one hand it levels the playing field before michael moore could freely air fahrenheit 91 and citizens united could not air hillary the movie.
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now both can air any movie they want. money talks. my voice will be unheeded. you know what, john, i made a similar point last week. but bob and reston raises a powerful point of his own. we do not have the right to speak. we have the right not to be silenced by congress' laws. big difference. it's in the constitution. so the question becomes, if you find that your voice is drowned out by the big money from the corporations or the unions, or whatever, it and turns out to be totally constitutional, does that make it totally okay with you? then there was this, from craig in king george, virginia, on the haiti disaster. now that some of the shock has subsided, who's coordinating disaster relief? what has been done? what needs to be done? wall have to be done? how is it being prepared for? who's coordinating the medical relief, performing triage, deciding who goes where? one person, a lot of people or helter-skelter? it's a good question and
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according to the website, the united states is coordinating all those things you mentioned at the request of the haitian government. so i guess the answer is one country, and a whole lot of different people. meantime, mcginty's mailbag could use input from a lot of different people. the e-mail is i'll be back at 11:00. is always on. we'll see you later. bye-bye. going out to dinner no longer fit into our budget. and so we started having these pizza parties on friday night. i learned how to make pizza dough. and we'd have friends come to our house. we know saving money is important. shop with your giant card and you can enjoy thousands of weekly specials and real deal savings, like top or bottom round roast, half-price, and progresso traditional soups, 5 for $6.
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this week only. when i look at my receipt and it says, "you saved $26," that works for me. only with your giant card. shop your way rewards card. earn and spend unlimited rewards on qualifying... products when you shop at kmart and sears stores. plus, chances to win k'ching surprises at kmart checkout. for the most rewarding rewards card... there's smart, and there's kmart smart. "entertainment tonight" in high-definition.
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>> is it over for brad and angelina? breaking news. what we uncovered about their rumored split. plus, nancy kerrigan struck by tragedy again. her brother arrested for assault. he did kill their father? >> george, kate, betty and sandra uncensored. >> [ bleep ]! >> only "e.t." is backstage with the winners. plus, cojo comes face to face. with the former worst dressed. >> i'm scared of you. >> you should be. whonchts. >> who are the best and worst stars? john travolta flies in to help haiti. >> fill it with supplies and doctors. >> justin to madonna. >> george's record-setting telethon. tom cruise leaps for his life. the dea

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